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    General questions
    What is kamp BETA?

    Kamp BETA is the introduction camp for prospective students of the ALST and ATIx academies of Avans Hogeschool Breda. During the camp you will get to know your fellow students, students from other programs and the city of Breda as a student city in an accessible and fun way. We have planned the best sports and games activities to introduce you to various factors of student life in an accessible way. 

    Where and when will Kamp BETA take place?

    This year Kamp BETA will take place from Monday 21 to Friday 25 August 2023 at Breepark in Breda. 

    Hoe long does kamp BETA last?

    Kamp BETA lasts for 5 days! So you have 4 nights. On Friday you will go home in the early afternoon with a lot of unforgettable memories! 

    When can I join Kamp BETA?

    Kamp BETA is the introduction camp of the ALST and ATIx academies of Avans Hogeschool Breda. All prospective students of Avans may join, our target group is prospective students of the ATIx and ALST academies . For these students we take into account the school schedule. For other courses we cannot guarantee alignment. The educations that fall under these academies are:

    • Biobased Technology and Chemistry
    • Biomedical Research
    • Business IT & Management (BIM)
    • Chemical Product Innovation
    • Forensic Laboratory Research
    • Environmental Sciences (ESSET)
    • Process development and optimization
    • Electrical Engineering
    • Industrial Engineering & management (EIM)
    • Computer Science
    • Mechatronics
    • Technical Computer Science
    • Mechanical engineering
    Am I in the group with fellow students?

    Yes, we will ensure that you join a group with fellow students who will be doing the same degree program as you. In addition, we try to ensure that your mom or dad (group supervisor) is also from this course. 


    What if the weather turns bad during the introduction camp?

    You don’t have to worry about anything, because we take different scenarios into account. We always have a plan B ready to deliver a fantastic introduction. 

    What does Kamp BETA cost?

    The registration fee is €125,36. For this you get an unforgettable experience with the best activities and a super fun start to your student days! In addition, we take care of the accommodation, breakfast, lunch and dinner. 

    What do I have to bring along?

    You take care of your sleeping gear and bike yourself, we do the rest! You will also receive a packing list from us a few weeks before the introduction camp, so you can be sure you won’t forget anything! 

    Why should I bring a bicycle?

    During the introduction camp we have planned many activities in and around Breda. You need a bicycle to get there.

    Don’t you have a bicycle, or can’t you take it to Breda? Then you can rent a bicycle, you will receive more information about this after registration. The costs are around €30.00 for the whole week! 

    Can I charge my phone during the introduction camp?

    No, unfortunately there is no possibility to charge your phone. Therefore, make sure you have enough power banks with you to be able to charge it anyway. 

    Can I go to the intake day of my study program on August 24, 2023?

    Yes, we take that into account. After breakfast we cycle together to Avans, after the intake day we will continue with the introduction camp. 

    Can I shower in the morning?

    Yes you can, provided you get out of bed on time. We have a full program 😉 

    Why should I join an introduction camp?

    When you join the introduction camp, you will get your student life off to a good start by getting to know your fellow students, higher years students and the student city of Breda. As a result, you are already in class with friends on the first day of school and you already have a step ahead of the students who do not come along. 

    In addition, the best activities are planned for 5 days. Together with your fellow students you will experience an unforgettable introduction. As long as you arrange your sleeping gear and bicycle, we will do the rest. Promised! 


    What can I expect from Kamp BETA?

    You can expect a week full of fun and adventure. We are not going to reveal everything, but on our social media you can see photos and videos from recent years (@kampbeta)! And while you’re there, you can follow us right away 😉 

    You can find us on Instagram, TikTok, YoutubeFacebook, Linkedin en Snapchat!

    What is the alcohol & drug policy?

    At Kamp BETA, the Dutch laws and regulations apply when it comes to alcohol consumption. No alcohol is served under the age of 18, and the resale/passing on of alcohol to minors is also prohibited. We check through tapes and supervision of the camp staff and crew. 

    Drugs are prohibited at Kamp BETA. Carrying drugs will result in immediate removal from the camp. In addition, a report will always be made to Avans University of Applied Sciences and, if necessary, to the police. 

    I have an allergy or I follow a special diet, is this taken into account?

    During registration we ask you to fill in personal information. These are only visible to you and the camp staff. Here you can indicate that you have an allergy and/or special diet. This will certainly be taken into account during the camp. 


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