Impressive Branding

With Impressive Branding you can have your company or association help you from A to Z with the physical presentation. Whether it is about (company) clothing, promotional gifts, expressing your name on the facade, designing a logo or giving a bare wall a boost. We are at home in all markets. Thanks to the enormous network that we have and the professionals we work with, we can serve every entrepreneur.

Our head office is located in Breda, but we are active throughout the Netherlands!

Look at: https://www.impressivebranding.com/


Walkabout Café is the nicest student café in Breda. They offer everything with a cheap student price. Even if you like specialty beers, you’ve come to the right place, because they have more than 100 specialty beers! The cafe is decorated with an Australian touch.

Café de Dunne

Cafe Dunne is a student café in the center of Breda on the Schoolstraat. In this small but cozy café you can have a cheap and pleasant drink.

Municipality of Breda

Breda has diversity and connectedness in its DNA. A city where one plus one is three, which connects in all kinds of areas, with a unique location, where it is good to work and live in a green historic environment. Breda is also a city where people meet and pay attention to each other and their environment. And that for almost 800 years.


Do what you like

This statement starts the story of Henry Martens, initiator of Breepark. Like many good ideas, Breepark was also born at the kitchen table, at the time still a catering concept conceived by Henry’s wife. The plan that she wrote afterwards in 2002 received a historical-sounding comment from her husband: ‘let’s take it a little bigger’. The dream of Breepark begins.. After years of submitting plans and applying for permits, the development of the leisure area started in 2015. With the construction of the complex starting in the summer of 2016, Breepark opened its doors at the end of 2017. With an impressive portfolio of events, Breepark has now grown into the largest and most versatile event location in the south of the Netherlands. Centrally located in a natural Brabant landscape, yet within walking distance of the bustling city of Breda.

Dream big

And just do it. That is what characterizes Breepark. From a construction site in the meadow to a bustling event location where we have hosted K3, EndemolShine, Mercedes, Radical Redemption, Tiësto and countless other events. We offer a unique place for special encounters, inspiring meetings and beautiful memories

De Avenue

The Avenue has been a special event location for over 20 years, with a different agenda every week.

Both halls, the Theaterzaal and the Sociëteit, are filled with a special diversity of events throughout the year. More than once a year there is a party on the Avenue, where the proverbial roof goes off, there are weekly rehearsals from the pop choir, or there is an exuberant dinner show where your eyes and ears fall short. Many marriages have already been started here . In business terms, we are just as versatile and we are the location for your lecture, presentation, company outing, workshop or, for example, a meeting. It sounds cliché, but the possibilities in De Avenue are endless.

The authenticity of the halls ensures a cozy and warm atmosphere. Whether you are coming for a wedding, a dance festival, a dinner show, or your favorite cover band in a cozy living room atmosphere? Our top crew is always ready for you. They make the difference! The Avenue, Experience it now.

Café Nr. 10

At Number 10 you can go for a good party every Thursday, Friday & Saturday until the night (04:00) with varied music, a cozy atmosphere and our signature: Buckets.

We offer Buckets (converted 2 drinks in 1 bucket) for a nice price from €8.50,-
the combinations are endless, you can think of it as crazy or we can offer it in a Bucket!

We also have a new promotion every week to keep it exciting, such as theme parties, prize promotions & win promotions. We share these promotions via our Instagram: @cafenr10breda, so keep an eye on us there so you don’t miss them!


Coyote Breda is the nightlife of Breda where it is always a party from Thursday to Saturday ! Our Coyotes and the all-round DJs ensure that you and your friends experience an unforgettable evening every day. Our rodeo bull is also on a weekly basis to challenge you to keep it up for 2 minutes. Does this work? Then you have the chance to win great prizes.

Are you celebrating your bachelor party, company outing, birthday or do you just have something to celebrate? Ask about the possibilities and we will ensure an unforgettable day where nothing is crazy!


Shots Breda is the shooter bar of the city. In this cafe you can dance to the resident DJ’s beats while enjoying a nice drink and of course a shot. This special concept offers a wide range in more than 120 different shots. Every Tuesday it is 2 for all shots, 1 pay. Go and try them all. No evening is the same, since the DJ adjusts the music to the people who are currently inside. So whether you come for 1 shot or stay indoors all night, you are guaranteed a pleasant evening.

Xior Student Housing

Xior Student Housing wishes all new students in Breda a fantastic Kamp Beta. We hope that there May many beautiful friendships be formed and that your student days will be unforgettable. In rooms going in the city where you study is of course a completely new and exciting adventure! Living with Xior you are always good, our service team is always there for you, so that you can fully focus on your studies. Do you want rooms and are you still looking for accommodation?

View our offer in Breda at www.xior.eu

Join the #xiorfamily

BRESS Breda Student Sports

Come and sport at BRESS for less than €10,- a month!  

With your BRESS membership you can always make a reservation for fitness, participate in various group lessons, indoor sports with an instructor and play squash with a student discount. From Avans you can cycle to our sports center within 5 minutes.

Besides enjoying the wide range of sports offered in our sports center, you can use your BRESS sports card to visit many sports partners with a discount, for example: swimming, ice skating, surfing, diving and bouldering. We also have local partners in Breda, such as Dagje uit Breda and Pasta Kantine, where you can get some nice discounts as a BRESS member.

For each student there is something to do: sports, socializing, tournaments, activities or studying with a drink at our sports bar. Our slogan is therefore ‘More than just sports!’ 

More information about BRESS and membership can be found at www.bress.nl.

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