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Who is the camp for?

The camp is intended for students of the ATIX and ATGM courses.

When is the camp?

The camp is from August 22 to August 26. The first year students have to go to school on Thursday 25 August, the intention is that the crew will also take them to school that day. We would really appreciate it if you help with the set-up and breakdown.

What good is it to me to go?

If you come along as an employee, you can use these hours as SLO hours. This means that you have earned 28 SLO hours in one go and you don’t have to do anything for it anymore. Curriculum complementary activities look good on your resume and teachers will also notice that you are motivated for school. In addition, it strengthens the bond with the freshmen, you come into contact with different SV’s and you can even bring your friends who can help too!

What's so great about coming along as a crew member?

Going along as employees is super cool! You get to know new people from other courses and you just have an extra week of vacation! Everything is arranged, for 25 euros there is accommodation, food and drinks and all kinds of cool parties are arranged for you to enjoy! If you want to go to the beer cantus, you will also receive a 5 euro discount on the entrance to the cantus!

What about in the evening when we go to the bars?

We will be in the bars with several groups at the same time, you can let them go there. You can also join the party yourself, but you are responsible for ensuring that your group returns safely to the location. During the pub crawl you also have to ensure that your group is taken from one pub to another, this will be in collaboration with several crew members.

What are the functions and what do they entail?

Father mother

As Papa or Mama you are responsible for a group of intro students. You are the point of contact for the intro students. Your main task is to ensure that all intro students in your group have a great camp. You also take part in all the activities , including those in the evening tongue out.


As a bar crew you ensure that a drink is poured for everyone. You ensure that the bar is a properly running and clean machine, you support the refilling of the bar and you distinguish between 18- and 18 +. In addition, you always want to make it a party. In addition to bar, you will also have side tasks, because little or no bar staff is needed during the day. We will discuss this with you.

Facilities employee

As a facility employee you take care of all materials present at the camp. You are technically minded and quickly find a “functioning” solution for every problem that arises. In addition, you will mainly help with the construction of, among other things, the camp and the games.

Member activity committee

As a member of the activities committee, you help to come up with and organize the activities at the camp. Think of outdoor games, treasure hunts, bike rides with stops, and of course cool parties in the city. You help draw up the script for the activities and you function at the camp as a supervisor to the crew who help at the camp.

Crew general

Of course, many more volunteers are needed for camp than can be divided into committees. Doesn’t it matter to you which role you fulfill at the camp, as long as it’s fun? Then join us as a general crew. You will support all committees and help set up a fun and active camp. In this position you will therefore automatically have a lot of contact with other employees.

First aider

As a first aider you are the first to be present in case of minor accidents. You are responsible for creating a safe camp in consultation with the camp staff. You will mainly be on standby to help potentially slightly injured attendees.

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