Frequently Asked Questions

General questions
What is kamp BETA?

Kamp BETA is the introduction camp for the upcoming students of the academies ATGM and ATIx of Avans Hogeschool Breda.

When can I go to camp?


Kamp BETA is the introduction camp for the new students of the ATGM and ATIx academies at Avans University of Applied Sciences. If you have enrolled in a study program at one of these two academies, you can join us at the entrance camp.

The studies that fall under these academies are:

ATGM: Biobased Tech, Biology and Medical Laboratory Research, Chemistry, Chemical Technology, Forensic Laboratory Research & Environmental Science.

ATIx: Business IT & Management, Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, Industrial Engineering & Management, Mechatronics, Technical Computer Science & Mechanical Engineering.

What if the weather gets bad during camp?

Don’t worry, we have taken various scenarios into account. If the weather turns bad, we have taken measures to that end.

When is and how long does camp BETA last?

The BETA camp starts on Monday August 21 and ends on Friday August 25 2023. The camp is therefore 5 days long.

Am I in the group with fellow students?

Yes, we ensure that you meet fellow students who will do the same training. We will also try to ensure that your mum or dad comes from the same education.

What does camp cost?

The camp costs 125 euros. For this you get an unforgettable experience and a super nice start to your study time!

Why do I have to bring a bicycle?

During the camp we will do a lot of fun things, to get there you need a bike.

What do I have to bring along?

Soon we will publish a packing list on the website with everything you need to bring, if you are already registered you will also receive an e-mail with the packing list.

Can I charge my phone during the introduction camp?

There is no possibility to charge your phone during the introduction camp. If you still want to charge your phone, you will have to provide that option yourself through, for example, a power bank. In this way you are guaranteed of a working telephone to stay in contact with others and you can continue to record all beautiful memories.

Why do I have to go on an introduction camp?

If you join an introductory camp, you will start your student days well by getting to know fellow students. You will not only get to know your fellow students, but also Breda as a student city. You also ensure that you are one step ahead of students who do not go to the entrance camp.

Can I go to the intake of my education on the Thursday of camp?

Yes! We take this into account. We ensure that you get breakfast on a Thursday morning and then you can cycle to Avans University together. After the intake day at Avans we will of course continue with the camp again.

Can I shower in the morning?

Yes you can, there are enough sanitary facilities available to freshen up in the morning. This will also be taken into account in the program.

Can I follow Kamp BETA on social media?

Of course! Kamp BETA can be found at facebook, instagram and snapchat under the name Kamp BETA.

What is the alcohol & drug policy?

At Kamp BETA the normal Dutch rules apply when it comes to the use of alcohol and drugs. No alcohol is served under the age of 18. This will be checked by means of tapes and the supervision of the camp staff. Drugs such as weed, XTC etc. are strictly forbidden during the introduction camp. If you are caught with a few variants of drugs, you will be immediately removed from the camp!

I have an allergy or I follow a special diet, is this taken into account?
During registration you fill in a list with the personal details. These are only visible to you and the camp staff. When completing this list you can indicate that you have an allergy or that you have a special diet. During the camp it will be taken into account. Do you have questions about this? Send an email to .

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