The activities committee of Bèta is responsible for organizing various events and activities for the students involved, including KAMP BETA. This committee is very important because they ensure that the students continue to feel involved in Bèta and, above all, that they have a lot of fun together.  The activities committee has a wide range of tasks, including coming up with ideas for activities, organizing parties, drinks and other social events. In addition, the committee also takes care of sports and games activities and the associated planning during the introduction camp.

If you have fun ideas for activities and/or events, you can contact this committee via

PR & Sponsorcommissie

Beta’s PR and sponsorship committee plays an important role in increasing visibility in the field and supporting the organization financially. This committee is responsible for developing and executing PR and sponsorship strategies to strengthen Beta’s position.  The PR and sponsorship committee is tasked with attracting and retaining sponsors who want to provide financial or material support to Bèta. This can be done, for example, by setting up partnerships, sponsorship packages and organizing sponsorship activities. The committee is engaged in identifying potential sponsors, approaching them and negotiating sponsorship contracts.

Interested in sponsoring Kamp BETA? Please contact


The Beta marketing committee is a crucial part of the organization. This committee is responsible for designing and executing marketing activities to increase Beta awareness and engagement.  The marketing committee has a wide variety of duties, including managing Betas social media accounts, designing flyers and posters, coming up with new merchandise, and providing promotional materials for various activities. In addition, the committee monitors the performance of the various marketing channels and adjusts the strategy where necessary.

Do you have questions or creative ideas? Then you can contact us via

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