My name is Bjorn Spijker , 20 years old and I am a 2nd year student Mechatronics. I am the chairman of Kamp BETA and together with my camp staff I will make sure that you will experience the coolest week of your life, just as I have experienced it myself. I hope to see you at the introduction camp, so that you can enter student life in a good way.

Hello, my name is Jochem van Dijk . I am 22 years old and I am now a first-year Mechatronics student. I am the secretary of Kamp BETA. I think it would be a great idea to help organize the camp since I went along as an intro last year. My vision is that we can all make it a big and fun party. See you soon!

My name is Dylan Copal , 20 years old and I am a 2nd year Mechanical Engineering student. This year I am the treasurer of Kamp BETA. We are going to make it a top camp again this year! I hope to see you all at the camp.

My name is Stefan Polderdijk , 19 years old and I am a 1st year student of Forensic Laboratory Research. I am the facility manager of kampBETA. I think it would be great fun to help everyone get to know each other and Breda. I am especially looking forward to it and I hope to see and meet many new students!

My name is Bram Berents , 1st year student of Public Administration & Public Management. I am 19 years old. As the head of Public Relations , it is my job to keep in touch with the partners and sponsors of the Kamp Beta organization, to monitor the promotion and, of course, to take care of all promotional material. I am also looking for potential partners who can make a positive contribution to our beautiful camp!

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