SV Virgo

Student association Virgo is one of the oldest student associations in Breda and even the oldest student association associated with Avans Hogeschool. Until 2019, S.V. Virgo related to the ATGM and ATIx academies, after this it has also become possible to become a member of the association if you study at another Avans academy. The association has its own club that is located in the student sports school BRESS. During the day you can drink (free) cups of coffee, chill on the couches, play games or do your homework. During the weekly Tuesday drink, the party music is turned on and the coffee is exchanged for bottles of Hertog Jan or a Juupje from the tap. On Thursdays, once every 2 or 3 weeks, there is a party that is held in the Soos or in a pub in the center of Breda. Student association Virgo is the association in Breda where you have no obligations, no hazing or A-time, but where it is always fun!

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In het schooljaar van 2017-2018 is op 22 september 2017 door een drietal studenten van de studie werktuigbouwkunde van Avans Hogeschool te Breda, de studievereniging s.v. WIM opgericht. De naam staat voor studievereniging Werktuigbouwkunde voor Industrie en Maatschappij.

De vereniging zet zich in voor de studenten van de opleiding werktuigbouwkunde aan de Avans Hogeschool te Breda, welke ruim driehonderd studenten telt.

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SV Nilva is the study association for the Chemical Technology study program at Avans Hogeschool in Breda. The two majors Biobased Technology and Process development and optimization fall under this course.

SV Nilva is known for its two major and important qualities: Togetherness and Development. We all contribute to making every emerging chemical technologist feel at home. Activities are regularly organized that range from a pleasant drink in the city to a very interesting excursion to a company. For example, BBQs, bowling competitions and many other fun activities are organized. Moreover, many networks are created with companies which has a huge positive impact on making contacts, choosing the right direction and finding good and reliable jobs. Do you have problems with a specific course? No problem. At the association we help each other and we do this with extra lessons. At SV Nilva everyone has a voice. It does not matter whether you have an important position or are just a member. Everyone is free to make a contribution and they are treated with respect. There are always opportunities for students who want to do more. At SV Nilva we do it all together!

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SV Promptus Imperii

S.V. Promptus Imperii is the study association for the study of Technical Informatics at Avans University of Applied Sciences in Breda. We as an association are committed to improve the connection between the study and the work field. We believe it is important to introduce our students to their future field of study at an early stage. And also to introduce our innovative and multidisciplinary students to companies.


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SV connect

Sv connect is the study association of the Bussines it & management course. They offer various activities to improve your development within the study and to connect you with companies and senior students. Handy for when you are looking for an internship or need help with a certain subject!

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SV Talpa

SV Talpa is the study association for all chemistry students at Avans University of Applied Sciences. This includes the majors: CPI, FLO, BTC, FPH and FCO ⚗️. Our goal is to introduce members to the professional field, other colleges and universities through lectures and excursions. Furthermore, we offer the possibility to expand the network of members by organizing network days with teachers, companies and former students (useful for finding an internship). Furthermore, we will actively provide learning tips about the courses on social media and offer the opportunity to study with a study group. Finally, attention is paid to the solidarity among the students by organizing extracurricular activities 🎳🍹.

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In the school year of 2017-2018, the study association s.v. WIM was founded on September 22, 2017 by three students of the mechanical engineering study program at Avans University of Applied Sciences in Breda. The name stands for study association Mechanical Engineering for Industry and Society.

The association is committed to the students of the mechanical engineering program at Avans Hogeschool Breda, which has over three hundred students.

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SV Maximus

Maximus is pre-eminently the student association of Breda. Maximus is for BUAS and Avans students. Sociability is our top priority!

Maximus and its members have a very ambitious culture. After less than five years of existence, we have established our society and put ourselves on the map within Breda. This not only shows the strong vision of the future of Maximus and its members, but it also shows that cosiness is of paramount importance within our association. The drinks evenings are the center of our student life and the close friendship between our members.

Labora et Victoria

As an association we bear the motto: “Labora et Victoria”, which roughly translates into: “Work and conquer”. Studying contributes to a good future and Maximus makes a huge contribution to this. Networks, self-development and making a career are the basis for membership. Shaping the future together and being ready for everyone! The bar is high within the association, but there is always room for student life.

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S.V. Omica

Get to know S.V. Omica, the study association of Biology and Medical Laboratory Research Avans Hogeschool!

This study association was founded on March 8, 2021 and focuses on the BMO and FLO studies (both the chemistry and biology side). S.V. Omica will mainly provide excursions, lectures, maintaining a study-related network and, of course, fun events and drinks.

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S.V. Motus

SV Motus is the study association of Mechatronics. Our mission is to connect students with each other, the program and the business community. The activities organized by SV Motus consist of a mix of study related activities and social activities

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SV Silicium

We are a study association for and by electrical engineering students of Avans University of Applied Sciences in Breda. Our objective is to promote solidarity among students and to give them a better picture of professional practice. We do this by entering into various partnerships with companies, associations and other institutions that match our future career.

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