KAMP BETA; the introduction camp for the Bèta studies at Avans Breda!

August 21 to 25, 2023

Start your schoolyear well with



Kamp BETA is the introduction camp for the ATIx & ALST academies of Avans University of Applied Sciences in Breda.

The start of a new chapter; your student days. Before entering into a new school year; experience a fantastic introduction! When you join introduction camp, you’ll get to know a lot of new people and you’ll go on a journey of discovery in and around Breda. During this week, treasure hunts, camp games and other fun activities will be organized to have a great time! During the activities you’ll get to know fellow students, which means that the ice is already broken before the lessons start!

During four days the most fun activities are planned throughout the day. You don’t experience Monday morning blues because the activities are too much fun. Together with your fellow students, you will experience an unforgettable introduction week. As long as you arrange your sleeping gear and bicycle, we will do the rest. Promised!

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"Kamp BETA ensured that I felt at home in Breda in no time."


Participant kamp BETA 2018

"I made friends for life!"


Participant kamp BETA 2017

"School is a lot nicer because of the people I met at camp"


Participant kamp BETA 2017

"The entry camp was the perfect way for me to meet new people and the city."


Participant kamp BETA 2018

"Intro camp was a great start to my studies."


Participant kamp BETA 2018

"Two years ago I went to camp, my introductioncamp was really great!"


Participant kamp BETA 2017

I really enjoyed it and if it is possible I will go 100% again next year!

Participant Kamp Beta 2019

I especially thought Mickie was a good tribunal

Mickie de Jong

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